Friday, February 3, 2012

Picture's tell the story.....

Excited by making "photo of the day" on Cycling Tips blog today, pictured below, I thought I would publish some of my other pics here.

Being an avid follower of all things cycling and a largely self taught photographer (still very early stages of  the learning curve) I have drawn inspiration from a fellow Melbourne photographer, Veeral Patel.

For me his photos truly capture the essence of the sport; the story not only on the road, but off it too. Each photo stands alone as a solid piece of work, yet together they tell a documentary of the day in still form.

If Veeral's photos are the SBS of cycling photography; I am merely the early incarnations of Channel Nine's coverage, but it's a start! One day I may get the opportunity of sitting on the back of a motorbike snapping an event, but for now I'll watch from the sidelines and snap away.

The cycling season is now upon us and I look forward to more of Veeral's amazing work.

I highly recommend you checking out his blog and even purchasing a piece for your wall. I have never met the man, but his story of sacrifice for a dream is inspiring and worth a read if you haven't already done so (here).

So to my pics.....

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  1. Seriously, with those high-quality photographs, you can be better than Veeral Patel in the future! All of them depict “cycling in action.” One might even be featured in a famous sports magazine.