Monday, January 23, 2012

First, not Greenedge, us.

The Australian cycling community is rejoicing at the success of Gerro and GreenEDGE over in (R)adeleaide at the weekend, but for us here at LAID Cycling we are chuffed by our own successes; well namely that of Mr Serge Krepak.

Serge is the first member of LAID Cycling to take to the podium, finishing second in Sunday's Crit at Casey Fields. When asked about the race he said "It was tough this week. A slightly smaller field, but the quality was there. Everywhere in Melbourne was wind free, but for some reason Casey had it's very own wind tunnel. A guy broke away and we we fell just shot of pulling him in, but I managed to get my wheel in front in the bunch sprint for second. I am stoked!!"

Serge is becoming the Andre Greipel of the bunch.

Now LAID Cycling isn't about the racing. It's about a collection of people with a common goal; improve their health and enjoy the sport, but it's good to stop and acknowledge those who achieve their goals along the way.

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  1. Wikedy wack - Sergio you're the daddy mack!

    Well done!