Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chucking on Kew

The first hit out for Dennis and the Schleck (Trek) Madone on this "hilly" terrain.

One loop of the TT course was the order of the day as Serge acted as the rabbit out in front eagerly enticing an unfit Dennis up the climbs on what was a stunning morning. The sun was piercing through the fog and not a breath of wind.

The outward journey was one filled with excitement and shock as all those forgotten pains of cycling came rushing back after the enforced lay off by the Irish man. Each crank of the pedal a reminder that the only way to numb the pain is to push through it. Meanwhile the teams GC rider Puppa (Serge) must have had a sore neck as he spent most of the time looking back for the lagging Dennis.

A wobbly stomach had started taking effect at which point Serge said "whats' your heart rate?" 155 to which he responded "that's not a chucking heart rate, push on!"

Push on they did as they joined a forces with a group and powered up the hills on the homeward journey.

The bottom of the last hill proved to be the breaking point as Serge feeling like he was riding with a weight on his back unceremoniously dropped Dennis leaving him gasping for air and hoping to survive.

The crest and finish reached and time for reflection........that is until Dennis shuffled into the bushes to relieve himself of the content of his stomach. The noise of which was only muffled by the crackling laugh of Serge.

Job done - ride one out of the way. Aim for next vomiting!

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